Besiege Garmoth 20B Heavy tank

This tank was the Improve version of the Garmoth 10, which it was the first tank that I inspired to every World war 2 tanks, that looks more than an infantry support tank that you commonly see the world war 1 strategies on heavy armored vehicles to break through enemy lines, and I always use this as target practice from my every new tank designs, and it has a major problem, it can go only forwards not backwards, it was poorly armed with an x2.00 gun which it's not enough to break armor, it doesn't have suspensions so when it hit a hard slope it will just break, because on that day I doesn't have enough knowledge in the game for making badass thing like you remember when I make mechs that you always need invincibility mode and it doesn't have any little bit complexity to make it stable so you never need it, so today I have finally accomplished some of the techniques, and it's time to make it better now, so what is about this tank, the Garmoth 20B was supposed to be as a improve infantry tank with an another role, which it can one-on-one with the another tank, because it has an x10.00 gun which it can now beat all of my previous tanks, and it was quite slow because why not it was heavily armored and armed with a heavy cannon, the design of the Garmoth 20B was inspire to the British infantry tank Churchill tank because just like the Churchill, it has the same role in supporting the infantry breaking enemy lines, For those who's hoping to see the next tank build, I be building the TOG-II first because the P-1000 Ratte was very serious build I need to think if I gonna build it or not, because when you see the Maus, someone has been shouting that I should build this colossal tank, think about that Maus that I make and imagine and compare it to the Ratte tank, yes It was totally a Colossal tank, and I hope it that it will be taken for a lot of random tanks builds so I could know which should I do for that tank, and also Hope it that it will take a lot of weeks to wait it, I promise to you guys, when the TOG II is done, hope it that you will be shock that what have you seen at the thumbnail.

Back story:
Harodi Giovanno was a well-known general of the skulvulgian army, which is the 5th most powerful armies in besiegia during in the 2nd great war in 1905, but Everything has changed when the tank has been invented by a tolbryndian engineer Emil Gascoigne, the skulvulgians were feared the Gascoigne Tank because of its powerful guns, massive size, and strong armor, even it looks exactly a car on heavy armor, skulvugians still feared it and they called it the "Odin's Chariot", but Harodi don't want to flee like a coward, He want to have also a tank, but they didn't know how to make tanks, so they call Garmothes Saulino built it, Garmothes known from his tractor company, when Harodi ordered him to build a tank, He was very interested from the request from the general, so for now on, Garmothes tractor manufacturing company was now a tank manufacturer, in the summer of 1906 Garmothes show his work to the general a simple prototype which is the same design from the Gascoigne tank, but the general didn't like the design, He shown many designs but instead the general be impressed, it has been disappointed to Garmothes and then drop the project, but even this project has been drop, Garmothes won't surrender it just to impressed the general and help his great army, so he when to Ipsilon for a engineers fair, and then he saw Regore solomon, he was also know from his tractor manufacturing company, and they talk about tanks in warfare, and then Regore share his design that might help him from developing tank, when he was returned from the Skulvulgur to develop his design, and he came up with "Garmoth 10" when he was gonna show this to the general, but he general has already a successor for his victories when Maulusi Avrieli proposed his design "Ironmaul Mk1", this Maulusi's design was kind of a battleship on land because of it's armaments, the Ironmaul Mk1 was equipped with dual cannons, two shrapnel guns at the rear side, and two mortars, Garmothes was very devastated when he was too late to proposed this design, so he just continue his normal business instead, in 1907, it was a great defeat of the skulvulgur cause by the Ironmaul's heavy maintenace, so Harodi give Garmothes a another chance from his design, so they tested his Garmoth 10, and it end up quite pretty well, it's mobility is good, the armor was quite thick for about 3 inch, and the gun was also good too, so they produce 20 Garmoth tanks in 1907 to 1935, they see the quiet success of the Garmoth 10, but since in the Great Besiegian Conflict broke out, they need to improve the tank but Garmothes has passed away because of his leukemia, but his son Boris Saulino, continue the development of the tank, and this tank could be a lot heavier than the previous Garmoth 10 and it has a 55mm gun that almost penetrate one of the Tolbrynd tanks, but the tank has only produce 10 heavy tanks through that day but in 1942 They have now produce 155 Garmoth 20B and 461 Garmoth 10. (although this back story was quite cringy but I hope you like it)


  • Arrow keys - Move
  • Both left/right Arrow keys - Low speed
  • Single Arrow keys - Normal speed
  • Both Up/Left/Right Arrow keys - Full speed
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
  • C - Cannon
  • F- Camera mode


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