Besiege Elasmotherium

There's a reason why I don't do this kind of tank builds because it was too complicated to build, it was vulnerable to any attacks especially because of its explosive ammunition, and it needs a ton of efforts of doing it. This might be my worst tank design because it was not that very efficient as a conventional cannon in the game, unlike the others do make these much better but mine was horrible and its not that accurate either, but since the cons was its major features, there's also good stuff about the tank, it was stable, its tracks weren't that bad when you do hard turn and the ammo rack was also stable because it doesn't blow up as much when you ran over some sharp terrain, and it has a "THICC" Gun.



  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • B/ N, M - Loading Mechanism
  • H, J/ K, L/ Y, U/ I, O/ : , " - Crane
  • P - Detach
  • C - Igniter
  • F - Camera Mode


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