Besiege DG-001 Tank Destroyer

What happens if Kanonenjagdpanzer make love with an AMX 50 foch 155, this will be the result the DG-001 Which I Inspire it to Draegast's Tsunami Tank destroyer in his Crossout let's play except without auto-aim on the second turret and a low profile hull, The Main gun has the x20.50 of power which I would say I'll put it in my 2nd place of my most powerful gun that I ever mounted on the tank and the small one has only x7.00 of power but for me it's good enough, and it can travel to 45 to 61km/h on flat grounds and 38 to 49km/h on a bumpy grounds, the reasons why did I put a small turret in the Tank, because since it's the main gun was on the frontal hull If the tank was spotted by an enemy vehicle from behind it will take about 30 seconds before the Tank Destroyer could ever aim to the target so I put a small turret at the top.

Tolbrynd was known to its myths and legends, but Tolbrynd was also known to its secret project like "Project: Ullr" Which they're Developing a tank that could defend their land for a possible Valfrost Invasion, they heard that the Valfrost has the best tank ever built that would be the Wolfgang-10, in the 16th Falvr, 1954 they came with "DG-1" which design by Lorein Vasuoni, a simple frontal slope armor with an 80mm howitzer and a Blits Engine which it could reach to 21 to 37km/h that they borrow from the Blits-2M, this should be unnoticed by Ipsilon since it was a secret project, but the Tolbrynd generals didn't approve his design, they said that the tank should be a little bit bigger with a thicker armor, Until he came up with "DG-5" which it has 95mm howitzer with a longer barrel, but it will make the tank much slower because of the weight of the gun the Blits engine couldn't carry the tank's gun so Lorein came with an another Idea "Maybe a bit bigger" but this time he needs some help from the other's, calling for help Splatapus was a bad Idea since this project was sacredly secret from the outsiders even it's their ally, So They decided to make their own engine for the tank, in the 3rd Thyrin 1955 Lorein bring his last blueprint of their project to the generals of Tolbrynd the "DG-001" Which is base on the first prototype and turn it into a better one, but unfortunately the king didn't interested to the tank so what happen was the king ordered to cancel the project, but they will keep the one prototype and secure it before any media could ever notice it.



  • Arrow keys - Move
  • Both left/right Arrow keys - Low speed
  • Single Arrow keys - Normal speed
  • Both Up/Left/Right Arrow keys - Full speed
  • N, M/ <, > - Elevation, Dispersion/Yaw
  • H, J/ K, L - Turret 2
  • C - Main Cannon
  • B - Auto-Cannon
  • V - Crossbow Machine gun
  • F, G - Camera Mode/Zoom-in


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