Besiege Copyright infringement?

Discussion in 'Spiderling Related' started by Peter_Pancake, Jul 30, 2017.

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    While I was using the YouTube app today an ad came up for a game called "War and Order" and I noticed that the video shown were not of a mobile game but of besiege. these were the same people who previously had an ad that looked suspiciously liked the colony management game "Banished". I love Besiege and don't want some mobile game developers using your hard work for their profit. this is a Company using videos of Besiege in their advertising for a completely different game. Info for further investigation below

    War and Order
    Camel Games Inc
    Using Videos of besiege for advertising (on the YouTube app) a unrelated game named "War and Order"
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    We have reported this issue to Google, some time ago, but haven't received any kind of response from them.Unfortunately there isn't much more we can do about it, perhaps a larger studio will have more clout when it comes to pressuring google on this issue, as they're also using several AAA games to advertise their mobile game as well.
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    Whelp apple doesn't give a shit if you're a AAA company or a single person. They'll review it
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    I am currently in the process of reporting their Youtube channel ( for trademark infringement. It requires that I put in trademark details-

    Please provide us with details of the trademark at issue.

    • Select your brand:
      Wordmark/Logo/Wordmark and logo


      Jurisdiction of registration: [country]

      Registration number (If you are claiming use rights, please cite the grounds for your use-based rights, e.g. company website):*

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