Besiege Boar-20IFV2

The IFV2 was made before coyote because from that time I just want to have a wheeled tank for 1v1 PvP with a WW2 and Cold War inspired design, but it gets too advance from that design so I made a new one, So what about this tank, this tank has an x15 cannon which is a little bit stronger than the coyote's gun and a one single-key vacuum missile that could do a higher damage, but since it looks simple it could only do a small damage or just immobilize the enemy vehicle, the speed wasn't that too fast, it could only reach 80km/h because of its tall silhouette and weight, unlike the coyote this one fails at the racing test which means its not capable of going on the curvy roads, but works so good at the open area, the vehicle was also well-armored that could possibly handle much more damage than the Coyote.



  • Arrow keys - Move
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret
  • C - Cannon
  • V - Vacuum Missile
  • F, G - Camera Mode