Besiege BM Type-12

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  1. I was kinda bored making large and oversized Vehicles, like tanks, Ships, Aircrafts, Helicopters, and much more why not make a character design just like what I usually did in DeviantArt, but in besiege! that's why I make this little fella, Of course, it has only 80 blocks which you could play this one in the normal speed, the BM Type-12 had only two armaments, an SMG for killing pesky knights and an indestructible black katana which is just an overly stretched plow Since it's propulsion was just a Negative-Water cannon, It can also jump, but you could use it to hover or fly.


    • Arrow keys - Move
    • <, > - Sword Swing
    • N, M - Elevation/Dispersion
    • RCtrl - Jump/Hover/Fly
    • C - SMG

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