Besiege Blits/Carapace Mk1

I could say this tank is one of Ipsilon's derp tank that I have in the game, I use the Blits-TypeBADVar hull as the base for the MBT and it has two cannons on one turret, but those guns had a power of x12.00 only because they're attached to one ballast block, but if the Expoding Cannonball Mode was activated it could possibly Increase its effectiveness, the Speed of the tank has only 51km/h to 60Km/h because of the very tiny Wing panel blocks that are attached to the ballast to reduce the recoil of it's two Main guns, The Cons of this tank was its track are always Pops-out if you a hard turns.

Skin: (The Skins were still work in progress, So you might wait for about a Couple of Weeks or Months)

  • Arrow keys - Move
  • Both left/right Arrow keys - Low speed
  • Single Arrow keys - Normal speed
  • Both Up/Left/Right Arrow keys - Full speed
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
  • H, J/ K, L - Turret 2
  • C - Cannon
  • V - Crossbow Machine gun
  • F, G, T - Camera mode