Besiege BladeQueen

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  1. If you know the movie Aliens, This the Robot Version of it, Since we have the BM Type-12, I decided to make a boss version of this Ninja robot, meet the queen which is twice more bigger than the BM Type-12, that has the Invisibility Cloak which turn herself into Invisible and a charge laser to destroy fully armored threat.


    On realistic proportion:


    Mod: Improved Laser Emitter mod

    Cloak Field Generator Block

    • Arrow keys - Move
    • RCtrl - Jump/Hover/Fly
    • N, M - Elevation/Dispersion
    • <, > - Arm
    • ? - Invisibility Cloak (Mod Required)
    • C - Charge Laser (Mod Required)

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    That image actually looks pretty cool

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