Besiege Blade Mamba

I've been planning to make a robot like this and turns out to be very impressive in my opinion although it doesn't have any heavy weaponry for killing armored vehicles and it was a melee focus Robot only like the BM-Type-12 Ninja, But what makes this robot Special for me was its majestic movements it does move like a snake and a mythical gorgon too, the Blade Mamba was equipped with a Sword and a Spike shield for more damage when she charges at someone, also she could also jump and for more additional damage I guess, but anyway I hope you guys like this one and maybe someday I'll try to make a Valkyrie too If I can.

On Realistic Proportion:



  • Arrow keys - Move
  • <, > - Attack/ Block (Sword/ Shield)
  • N, M - Attack (Sword)
  • RCtrl - Jump


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