Besiege Belfrey-03Mk3 Maya (BONUS PROTOTYPES INCLUDED)

I've been working on this for about 2 days and I can't make it right and its still bad and its unreliable to be a fighter and I've been so frustrated and angry that I almost threw my PC, I've put this plane on different test like Bomber Hunt Test, Dogfight Test, Aerial Race Test, Excalibur test, etc. which it came into an average result that wasn't fit in my taste, But anyway then what's about of this plane, The plane has a x10 cannon for killing tanks and bombers which much suits for the plane to be just called a bomber interceptor, but makes you slow down when you fire the cannon rapidly, the maneuverability was average and it was unstable when you trying to aim, and also then plane armed with 4 rockets and one bomb to improve its performance in battle, but the rockets was hard to use because you need to be on a stable flight before you release those rockets, also it was fast that it could possibly reach 700km/h combine it with full throttle pressing "Z" it will be much faster, but beware don't fire your cannon while in full throttle because it has a bigger chance to blew up itself, by the way, if you notice some of the planes that I build that I only use flying blocks for pitch, roll, and yaw, well for some professionals plane builders they will be cringe about it because they said it felt unrealistic it gives a lot of disadvantages, so today I use AITF's techniques for elevators which I kinda failed to do it by myself so I ask for help from CCCanyon to help me with this problem, but anyway it was fun to fly around with this in the Multiverse Multiplayer but not an efficient fighter for PvP so sorry about that, but I've still learned something about building planes and maybe one day I'll have the best WW2 Fighter plane in the Multiverse PvP but not for now because I need to learn more about it.



  • T, G/ F, H/ R, Y - Pitch/ Roll/ Yaw
  • N, M - Landing Gear
  • Left Ctrl - Accelerate
  • Z - Full Throttle
  • J - Cannon
  • K - Bomb
  • <, > - Conventional Rockets
  • U, I - Camera Mode





  • Arrow keys - Pitch/ Roll
  • <, > - Yaw
  • ? - Low Speed
  • O - Normal Speed
  • Right Ctrl - Speed Boost
  • C - Crossbow Machine gun
  • V - Bomb
  • 1, 3 - Release Vacuum Missile
  • 2, 4 - Activate Vacuum Missile
  • F, G - Camera Mode



  • T, G/ F, H/ R, Y - Pitch, Roll, Yaw
  • N, M - Landing Gear
  • Left Ctrl - Throttle
  • Z - Speed Adjustment
  • J - Cannon
  • K- Crossbow Machine gun
  • U, I - Camera Mode