Besiege Behemoth 1

When I build the Tsar tank, I've planned to make some fictional landship with some a little bit inspiration to Char 2C and British Mark VII but more advance than the two old tanks, the tank has equipped with six guns, two at the top and four at both-sides of the tank, the main gun on the front has x10.00 cannon which is the one cannon for killing fully armored vehicles and the second turret which the a little bit small version of the front turret has only x7.00 for killing light armored vehicles and the fixed cannons on the sides has only x5.00 cannons for destroying soft targets like pill-boxes and a platoon of soldiers, The speed of the tank was 25km/h to 55km/h which is Insanely unrealistic because if this tank was in real life it's engine will blew-up because it can't handle the weight, The cons of this tank was when you pressing forward it slowly turning itself left and also it can't go on sharp terrain because of its side armor and the tank itself has the total block count of 810 blocks which I could only play it to 19% timescale.


  • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
  • H, J/ K, L - Turret 2
  • Y, U/ I, O - Fixed Turrets 1 & 4
  • Z, X/ C, V - Turret 3 & 4
  • ? - Primary Cannon
  • ; - Secondary Cannon
  • 1, 2 - Left Cannons
  • 3, 4 - Right Cannons
  • Lctrl - Crossbow machine gun 1
  • Lshift - Crossbow machine gun 2
  • F, G/ R, T/ E - Camera mode