Besiege AX-5 Charon

So when the v0.70 is out, some of my builds with the "Overflow Vacuum Glitch System" are no longer work at this version, which I made a improve version of my Lotus rocket that took me about 2 days and no longer works that it can't pin itself in mid-air, but I realized that Lotus Rockets can only do a small damage, yes it can kill its target in one shot but it can't kill multiple targets, So sad to say the Lotus Program is Dead.
But Now I made a New one, but its not one with the Lotus Rockets, Instead of using a terrifying cannon, why not use a powerful Vacuum Bomb that could do a catastrophic destruction when the bomb was activated, its kinda the small version of CCCanyon's Black Hole Van, but still lives because you're at the safe zone and it was on the different parts where the Vacuums are at, The Booster's Design was inspired to the Soviet N1 Moon Rocket and of course the booster can be recovered by using air breaks to reduce the impact with an additional small boosters for much softer touch down.

[How to Use]
- First Press [Z] to launch.
- When the main engines shut down, Press [X] to detach to the Booster with a combination of [P] and [ Left Bracket ]
- After you separates to the Probe, Press [RCtrl] to reduce impact or do a free fall and activate the Air breaks with a combination of [Rshift] for more softer touch down.
- Back to the probe, when you're probe slowly descending Press or Tap [P] rapidly to reduce descending.
- when you're dropping the Vacuum Bombs, Press [1] to drop the payload, when the bomb reaches the ground you could now activate the bomb by Pressing [2]

- (WARNING) don't let your probe to descend to much or you'll be destroyed by your own bomb.



  • Z, X - Launch Sequence
  • Arrow Keys - Move Boosters
  • I, K/ J, L/ U, O - Move
  • [ , ] - Solar Panel and Radar
  • P - Ascend (To Delay Descending)
  • RCtrl - Air Brakes
  • RShift - Small Boosters
  • 1, 3, 5, 7 - Drop Bomb
  • 2, 4, 6, 8 - Activate Vacuum Bomb
  • F, G/ R, T - Camera Mode