Besiege APAX-4 IFV Stray Cat

The Stray cat tank is more like of an infantry support and a reconnaissance vehicle because of it's size and good mobility and speed, perfect for scouting, and it has a quite powerful gun that has an x7.65 of power that I commonly used for my previous tanks, it should be x10.00 of power when I test it, works pretty well the gun didn't break and I could do a rapid fire on that gun but since it's a small tank, it couldn't handle its recoil and it almost kick the tank itself so I rather use the x7.65 of power on the gun.


  • Arrow keys - Move
  • Both left/right Arrow keys - Low speed
  • Single Arrow keys - Normal speed
  • Both Up/Left/Right Arrow keys - Full speed
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
  • H,J/K,L - Turret 2
  • C - Cannon
  • V - Crossbow Machinegun
  • F/G - Camera mode


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