Besiege AO-20

this one was an another variant of the AO series which it has a wide leg armor, and better turning traverse speed, a better turret which it has only a gun with a power of x8,65 which is still good for breaking enemy armor, but there's a special thing that the AO-20 had, it has a detonatable drone which is similar to my previous Walker "Tarac-Mk1" which it was lack of firepower that you make sure that you aim your target perfectly, but AO-20 has a great firepower, it got cannon, dual-crossbow machine guns, 3 rounds of rockets, Sledge arms for melee and detonatable drone she can literally scare a whole enemy infantry, Well that's it for today I hope you had great day.


  • Arrow keys - Move
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
  • H,J/K,L - Turret 2
  • Z, X - Arms
  • C - Cannon
  • V - Crossbow Machinegun
  • 1,2,3 - Rocket Pods
  • F, G - Camera mode
(Detonatable UGV)
  • RightBracket - Release
  • LeftBracket, Quote/BackSlash, SemiColon - Move
  • P - Detonate