Besiege AMX-13/90

This is by far the first French tank I've ever made because making does tanks looks so complicated because of its curvy shapes, but I did make some of their tanks, This Replica that I made was kinda accurate to the real one and making the oscillating turret was hard because when I making it there's always a part that mysteriously gets attached to the other parts which are very annoying and I can't do anything to prevent it, what do I do I just make the bigger piece a little bit smaller, the power of the gun was only x10.00 which could still do a little bit of damage and the biggest problem of this tank was its tracks, when you do a hard turns and maximize its speed, but a least I finally had some French tank builds and it was some of my favorites even they suck at the actual battlefield.



  • Arrow keys - Move
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret
  • C - Cannon
  • V - Crossbow Machine Gun
  • F, G - Camera Mode