Besiege AIO-130 ADVar1

It is just an experimental for my new tank with the overflow vacuum glitch system which you notice it from the Zephyr II and Variant 1, the power of the gun was only x90.00 but still the one terrifying can for a tank, I've planned to some two Vacuum Missile on it, But it makes the turret heavy which the turret always shaking while it moves and the other drawbacks on this tank, when the siege mode was activated it decrease its speed and when you turn your turret the vehicle turns itself while you move, but still it does its job to be an Aerial Defensive Unit because of its powerful gun, you'll never worry about the recoil because the Overflow Vacuum Glitch absorb all of its recoils and makes the gun recoilless.

(Some of the Skins weren't Available, So you might wait for about a Couple of Weeks or Months)

  • Arrow keys - Move
  • N, M/ <, > - Turret 1
  • H, J/ K, L - Turret 2
  • C - Recoilless Cannon (Siege Mode Require)
  • Rctrl - Siege Mode
  • F, G, T - Camera Mode