Besiege AD-71 MkX Swan

I've been desperate to make some worthy fighter plane for a Multiverse PvP and all of the planes I've made are just for killing ground targets, but today this new plane I've might take a cake because it has a few different weapons that have equipped on the plane, the plane was equipped with an x11 cannon for killing hard targets, a single crossbow machine gun for tearing wooden parts of every vehicle, 4 bombs that can be drop on both sides for more damage, and 4 Vacuum Missiles that could also be launched both sides, the plane takes a forward swept wing design with a long fuselage which is just a stretched ballast with a weight of x15 to handle the amount of recoil of its gun, the funny thing about this plane was since its fuselage was a stretched ballast, there's a point that I called the plane as the "Flying Howitzer" that has been given a wings, anyway since it has a few weapons, the plane has some 2 drawbacks, Since the plane has these vacuum missiles when it launched and activated, sometimes these missile betrays you that it kills you instead of the enemy target, and the second one was its aiming mechanism was poor, that it changes its sight when you trying to aim it until you got too close on the target, but thats only when you trying to kill ground units, but it works on killing bombers or for 1v1 dogfights, I think this one wasn't that better too because of its minor disadvantages, but at least it still did its job but not that 100%, Maybe next time I make much better plane someday.



  • Arrow Keys - Pitch/ Roll
  • O - Acceleration
  • Right Ctrl - Speed Boost
  • C - Cannon
  • V - Crossbow Machine gun
  • 1, 3 - Drop Vaccum Missile
  • 2, 4 - Activate Vacuum Missile
  • H, J - Bombs
  • F, G - Camera Mode