Besiege AD-40 Rapier

I've been playing some of the plane-base Maps and like literally I had really bad planes, so I decided to make a plane that suits those Map, the Plane has a little bit of Inspiration design on the F-15 Jet Fighter and equipped with 8 bombs for destroying ground targets and dual-crossbow machine guns for killing light targets, the plane itself was not designed for Air-to-Air combat (Dogfights) but instead it was built as short-range UAV bomber.


  • Arrow keys - Pitch/Rolls
  • O - Toggle Accelerate (Normal Speed)
  • Lctrl - Toggle Accelerate (Low Speed)
  • Both O/ Lctrl - Max Speed
  • C - Crossbow Machine gun
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 - Bombs
  • F, G - Camera Mode