Here's a quick battle-ready catapault I made. I'm thinking of upgrading it with some armor but the braces add some stability.

'L' - Launch
'R' - Return (if it gets stuck, not often but does happen)
'1' - Remove the first stopper, more direct/forward throw
'0' - Remove the last/both stoppers. Throws projectile directly forward, no upward arc
'Y' - Start/Stop Flamethrowers
Drive - arrow keys as usual



I know I probably need to extend the boom out a little bit so the decouplers don't hit the bomb and accidentally turn it into a self-destruct button but I will do that in a revision. Accidentally lost the original (didn't save before closing) so I had to remake it.

Feel free to leave suggestions/feedback/comments. I know there are probably a ton of things like this but I thought this would be a fitting first post.

battlepault.bsg (8.58 KB)

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