Battlecruiser V2

The Battlecruiser V2


Numpad 0 Reduce Upward Force
Numpad . Increase Upward Force
Left: Turn Left
Right: Turn Right
Numpad 8: Front side down
Numpad 2: Back side down
Numpad 4: Left side down
Numpad 6: Right side down
HOLD Numpad 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 to fire missiles
Numpad ENTER: Ignites take off platform
​To move forward and backward, use numpad 8 and 2 to tilt the craft in the direction you want to go.


This one has less weapons than my first Battlecruiser, but far better control and stability. Much less manual action is needed to keep it flying properly.

When a missile is fired from one side, decouplers automatically drop ballasts on the other side to keep the center of mass near the exact center. This greatly reduces the amount of manual control needed to keep it stable. The four main rotors, which are now unfortunately ugly as hell, have altitude control functions. The Battlecruiser can easily rise straight up or drop straight down like a rock and come to a hovering halt just before hitting the ground. The power and stability of control functions in general have been greatly increased from the original. I also added sights to make it easier to aim the missiles.

This is a work in progress. On rare occasion I have noticed the missiles fail to deploy correctly. This usually happens when I tap the fire button instead of hold the fire button.

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the slingshot launchers are very cool, and i like the auto deploying propeller towers. i don't see what the take off platform is for though.
I use the platform to kill masses of infantry when they rush me at the start of the mission, like in Queen's fodder. Ignite the platform and they all burn to death.