ballasts not attaching

Im trying to create a machine only with ballasts. However I find a lot of times that ballasts dont attach to each other. Here an example:

All of these ballasts are supposed to be attached. Here is without armor:

You could say that there is a lot of weight. Well, there isnt that much but even if it was, the structure already deattached when i didnt even put the armor and it was just structure and wheels.
that could be true and a big problem. not sure if intended or not, but if intended then the ballast model is very confusing since it has "attach" points in all 6 faces.
I just didnt know that ballasts worked like that. Now that I know it I can "use" it.

The problem as I said, is that they have attachment points in all 6 faces and it would seem that it would attach to each face, like wooden blocks do.

I dont know if the behavior is intended or not but if its they should rework the ballast model to not mislead people.


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Thanks for the analysis guys, I'll pass this along and find out if they are intended to work in this way and if it is perhaps we can make it a bit more intuitive.