awesome train with trainlevator


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Ooh, nice, finally somebody else than FrizB doing it XD
Good job man! I had a bit of trouble with the elevator but I made it around in the end. Are gonna build another one? They get easier the more you make.
I am running this game on an AMD Athlon 5200, my computer was very sad when I loaded up this .bsg. It pretty much gave me the option of looking at the editor at 10fps, or using the keyboard and mouse...but not both. New computer is slowly being assembled, as funds allow... Really cool concept though.
LOL!!! my computer is 10 years old. almost. It's time to get a new one. I'm good for less than 300 blocks, which is fine for most creations.
This is motivating me to finally start on my project to make the solar sailer from Tron, but i'm just TOO LAZY

In case you don't know what a solar sailer looks like, here's a template:

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