Awesome forum.

As the subject says! but I would personally add a picture background, instead of the dark blue, would make it more awesome. anyways hi guys :3
That could look cool... I think it might be do able with the themes, although it could just add more noise to the website... Although I believe Von is playing around with the themes a bit to tidy up the clashing background/texts which result in hard to read text (another issue with a picture background)


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I will be playing around with the style a bit to improve it, but that'll have to wait for now. Gotta catch up on other work first. :)


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1MB gifs imply a worst-case 20mb load from avatars per page (20 individual posters with max-size uncached avatars), it's fine.
Von, I got a minor suggestion for the color of the login/register bar, perhaps make it a dark grey with white text, or something visible when you first log into the page, cause the colors just barely make that bar completely invisible to me xD