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Auto Target Mod

You don't want to get your hands dirty with the knights or you want to destroy the obelisk? Use the AutoTargetMod! Press "T" while hovering over an object in the world to set it as a target. The target gets a red color. Every canonball you shoot will aim for that target. You also get two sliders when pressing "T". With these sliders you can increase the force of the canonballs. Have fun!


03.06.2015: Increased Mod Performance and added the option to stop targeting the target after hitting it

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You should add the video from earlier :3
Well, I recorded something with it, just need to edit it and it will be done
And I liked this mod a lot...

Idea: What about making it work like the "Autosteer" Mod, but, instead of just resetting the position, making the Front of the item (Wheel, Steering, Hinge, Ballsocket) Turn to face the target?

Here's the Video Link:
Now that is just evil. Had an idea seeing this.......and it is also evil. add Rocketmod and some grabbers and the cannoballs become a guidance system.

Just pick your the rocket ...wait till you have enough altitude and then fire the cannons. I built this wrong but just wanted to show you ....Imma make a better version to post where the grabbers and cannon are at the front.

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also.....If you combine the Cannon mod on max power and create the "swarm" effect with a bunch of cannon balls it can destroy buildings that were otherwise only destructible using explosives.
Awesome video! UnlimitedCanons and AutoTarget are a deadly combination. ^^

Do I get it right, you want a machine that automatically faces the target?
it works fairly well. similar principle to the knight-grabber thing but instead acts as a gyro guidance system. sometimes over compensates ( might be able to fine tune the force slider) and other times it tries to tear the missile apart but it is a working proof of concept. Probably hits the target at least 33% of the time. ~ edit- "Maybe I'll add the option to select blocks you want to move to the target." that could be a mod in itself maybe
Thanks, mate!

And Yep, you got it right, would be less op than the "Swarm of Angry Cannonballs", but it would need a toggle at the Wheel, Steering, etc. because you would know who and when will turn.

Also, is there any "Clear Target" Key?


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I made one with that guidance system Prevenge said, and its knight stabilized, so you'll probably want level editor mod, and unlimited cannon to put recoil(knockback) and power to 0, and of course need rocket mod

lock missle 2.bsg

ik its name has 2, because 1 failed, anyway, first press c for the cannonballs, then y to take off and get some altitude, then t to target and release the stabilizing knights

sorry if attachment doesn't work, cause I've never used attachments

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DFFC said:
my cannon ball is now a question mark /:
Which mods have you installed? Are you sure that's not from forgetting to put the cat picture in the mods folder from bobd132's Multimod?