Auto Stabilizing Helicopter Challenge (BE THE FIRST/CHANGE THE GAME)

I read that totally wrong then, in part due to the tags. I thought the point was to make a helicopter that stayed at a fixed altitude and position without button inputs to correct. Spinning block helicopters have been around for a long time, there isn't really anything game changing about them.
ive downloaded the file for your Heli, but I cant find the besiege file, could you help me out?
(first time downloading a vehicle on Besiege)
Could you clarify please:
> I'm proposing a challenge/competition to be the first person to create a helicopter that: hovers above the ground, at a constant rate. The helicopter must not rely on input (key mapping) to hover without downward or upward pull.

You want a helicopter that keeps it's yaw/pitch/roll angles constant without a pilot intervention or a helicopter that auto-balances back to vertical position (yaw, pitch, roll == 0) after it's turned or pulled?
The first is quite easy and there are designs already. I believe the second is what you mean and a smart gyroscope system or something that is needed to implement such a thing.
Lol. I win. Wasn't even trying to build a stable helicopter. Was just messing around with the new parts and BAM. Something that shouldn't be stable AT ALL....somehow is. The only controls are "up/'down".

This game is weird.
completed the challenge. here u go pics and the bsg. this thing will float on the same space for ever and even if tipped will auto stabilize and never crash. just put it in the air and press play. from 1 to 200 % playable.

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Hi guys, this is my first post here. Yea, pretty ambitious I know, making my first post an attempt to solve the auto stabilizing issue, but well, here it is.
It's still just a concept and very unstable but i think some fine tuning (*groan*) should do the trick.
My idea is to put some flying spirals (or whatever it's called) facing downwards on some sliders tipped with wing panels. when the machine is tipped, it will move towards that direction and therefore pulls on the wing panels and extend the sliders on the opposite direction. The spirals will then tilt the aircraft back into the correct position. the sliders will then be pulled back by the contractible springs.

i suck at explaining, it'll be easier to understand if you download it.

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Here's some sort of quadcopter. Don't know if it counts? haha.

Also if the blades break off, reset the vehical, move the camera around, sometimes they like to break off when rotating the blades. I find it's quite stable. It'll hover and if you put it in a direction, it shouldn't sway around.


Blade rotation "[" or "]"

Arrow Keys

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I made a self stabilizing Borg cube type thing, though it doesn't exactly move very fast in any direction. It's bounding box legal, so you can probably use it for the flying missions in Tolbrynd.. Also, any help getting more juice out of the engine I have set up without making the craft unstable would be appreciated, thing's slow as hell to get off the ground.

Up Arrow - Propels the craft upward, but the mechanism can only go so far without breaking, so be careful
Down Arrow - Propels the craft downward, same limitation as stated above
Right & Left Arrow Keys - Pitches the craft to it's respective side
T - Pitches the craft forward
G - Pitches the craft backward
F - Turn left
H - Turn right
Numbers 1 through 4 - Cannons

Hope that helps.

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Borg Cube 2.bsg
*sorry for vague file name*
this is my stable heli, controls as follows:
q :go up*
e :go down
up :move forward [wip]
down: move back [wip]
left :turn left
right :turn right
z :roll left [wip]
c :roll right [wip]
*when starting the simulation the heli automatically moves up, when the blades get enough speed so once you want it to hover use e to slow down and stop. sometimes stable, other times it moves a bit and other times just plain explodes.

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This one is a bit cheaty since it requires use of the level editor, but it still technically counts :p

up, down, left, right, o, and l; fairly standard controls

just place a knight either side of the machine so they are touching the grabbers :3

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