Attack Helicopter

This is a pretty common design from what I see, I reverse engineered it from what I saw on youtube. It can be fairly stable, but sometimes getting it where you want it to go can be a challenge, for me at least.
Or maybe its the way I have it setup, if anyone have tips on what I can do to improve, I would love to hear them! My brains a bit fried just getting this far today I cant think of anything.
But what I got so far is a working attack helicopter that is pretty stable in the air, I think theres some balancing issues here and there for sure, im not in any way an engineer, this is just something that through trial and error and reverse engineering was born.

Link to video demonstration:
(My poor piloting may make it unbearable to watch, but its a proof of concept at least)

I cannot claim this design as wholly mine, as it is not, but its definitely my spin on the thing.

A word ofcaution to those that wish to test it out for themselves, go INVINCIBLE, otherwise the rotor assembly blows apart.

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