Assistance Installing Besiege on MacOS

Hello! I have just purchased Besiege for my son. He is on a Mac running MacOS High Sierra, latest patches installed.

This is probably a stupid question, but I'm stuck!

The download file - via Humble Bundle -> Mac -> Direct Link - is named Besiege_V0.60.0.6437_Mac without an extension.

What format is this file? I've tried adding .dmg, .iso, .app - to no avail. How should I proceed in order to make the game playable? Currently I just have a 500MB that the Mac cannot do anything with.

Any help appreciated.




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Could it possibly be a zip archive with the game in it? @Von might know
Hello ITR and Uganda knuckles - thanks for the help.

I took a look at the Windows download, which is a .RAR, and guessed that the Mac version might be archived the same way.
Having installed a RAR unarchiver I renamed the file and - yay!- got a .
But - it would not launch. I eventually discovered this was because was not set to be a Unix executable.
So, in Terminal I set permissions on this file to be chmod 755.
Now the app starts up and my son has begun to learn the environment.

I hope this helps others who download the Mac version. I don't know if these problems are limited to this particular release, but I would gently suggest to the development team that 90% of Mac users would not have been able to diagnose and fix these issues . Fixing them in the next release might boost your number of Mac players considerably! I understand the product is in alpha, but Mac users expect a drag'n'drop experience for new software to work.

All the best, and my 10 year old says the game is a lot of fun!