Anti Aircraft Launcher

Hay all! Long time no see!
I'm back (maybe), and I'm bringing my not creative machine names with me.
I don't really play Besiege that much anymore, only really when updates come out.
And boy, this update is fun!
I've moved away from my traditional quad rotors, you all seem to build all the great ones so I'll take a break :D
I always wanted to build an Anti Aircraft tank like the one from Halo 3, so... I guess that's what I've done!

I was also experimenting with a suspension system off the top of my head... It isn't fabulous but it can dance!

1 to 8: Launch missiles
[8]/[2]: Aim Up/Down
[4]/[6]: Aim Left/Right
Up Arrow/Down Arrow: Drive Forwards/Backwards
Left Arrow/Right Arrow: Turn Left/Right
Comma(,)/Period(.): Activate/Deactivate Aiming reticle
[7]/[9]: Balance
: This is so that if you aim to the left/right of the vehicle, this would balance to prevent the turret from swerving
: Alternatively, you can untoggle the wheel to make it dance!



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