Anglometer working incorrectly.

As the title implies, the anglometer is behaving curiously.

It seems that at certain altitudes, or far enough away from the center of the map, it starts acting erratically, spinning 180 degrees, displaying the wrong facing, etc.
At points, every flying block dictating roll and pitch would spin(despite being instructed to correct at mirrored values), disallowing me from taking manual control and correcting it.

Attached is the creation I was experiencing these issues with if you want to try it out yourselves. It would also be helpful if you tried it and identified an error on my behalf. The map in question is zone 38, The martyr knights, but it has also been tested in sandbox on other maps, to ensure it's not due to the environment.

I know the craft is a mess, please don't bully me. :(

Edit: Forgot to mention I am using a mod called BlockEnhancementsMod that affects the wheels driving the contra-prop. It does not affect the anglometers or the flying blocks, though.


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