An option to lock camera to the machine so it doesnt zoom out when a piece flys off.

Yes, the title is super long, and its better just to explain this one. Sometimes if a balloon is detached from a machine (typically modded ones) it will fly up and the camera will move up with it (why the crap does it do this), even if the core block is back down with the machine. And when the balloon finally pops when it gets too high, the camera wont zoom back in, and your basically stuck looking at your machine from like 500 feet above it.

And this isnt just with balloons. Basically if my machine gets a piece blown off the camera will zoom out.
If you place a camera block on the same block that the balloon is attached to, this can happen. If not, and you're using the old school camera, if enough blocks move away from the main machine, the camera will adjust to have as much of the machine on screen at once, and sometimes it doesn't work right. If you're not using a camera block, use one, and put it on your core block. If you are using one, move it to a different part of your machine. That's all I got.
Well, i did consider this, and that is the exact problem. I want there to be a toggle button in the drop-down menu that makes it so the camera DOESNT try to fit as much as the machine on screen at once.

I did try the camera block, but this is annoying if you can really pan around, move, zoom in, etc, etc, etc...