An old helicopter design of mine - now with video and bsg file.

I've seen mixed comments regarding the effects of the V 0.2 update on flying machines, so wasn't particularly hopeful when I tried out an old helicopter design of mine - I may have posted screenshots of it before:

It now flies beautifully! None of the self-destructive glitching it displayed before, and it seems much more stable - it will fly with invincibility off, and can make repeated takeoffs and landings without damage. It needs a little tweaking for balance I think, but I'm more than pleased with how well it worked with no changes at all. Video and bsg file a couple of posts below.


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My planes perform better now and I'm happy
Unless some stretching propeller bugs trolls me and I have to change the engine design
As promised, video and a bsg for the helicopter: I've decided to call it the Damselfly, though it actually looks more like three flying in close formation...

It only took minor adjustments to the balance to get it to hover perfectly. That, and a spinning wheel and braced swivel anti-torque gadget to counteract the inbuilt tendency to rotate anticlockwise. You shouldn't need to adjust any of this though, unless you modify it.


Arrow keys for pitch and roll, Z & X for yaw. Numpad + and - for up & down. V to release the bomb. Be gentle when increasing lift though - if you take it too far the blades can clash, so take off by adjusting lift gently until it is climbing slowly. Landings can be quite positive - coming down with a slight bump is actually safer than trying to touch down softly, as a soft landing may then bounce and roll, catching a rotor. I've not explored the limits of its aerobatic capabilities, so don't complain if you manage to pull the rotors off attempting a Lomcovak or a Cuban eight. For most low-speed manoeuvres, you only need a slight tap on the controls.

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