An issue with the 0.7 modloader regarding some of the pre-Workshop mods


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There appears to be an issue regarding the new modloader.

Many of the older mods, that were not distributed on Workshop, use the features and libraries that the new modloader doesn't allow, such as System.Reflection. Of course, when mod usage has become more mainstream, security is a concern and it's good that it's enforced.

However, when the majority of mods are not in the Workshop, it would be nice to have an option to turn off the security features of the modloader so that some of the older mods could work on the meantime.

Feel free to correct me if there is such an option, but with some light digging of the options file I wasn't able to find an obvious solution.

There's a snippet below from the output_log.txt file below, using the amazing Lench Scripter Mod as an example:

[Mods] [Security] You are not allowed to use System.Reflection.Assembly (used in System.Reflection.Assembly Lench.AdvancedControls.PythonEnvironment::IronPythonAssembly).