An "are you sure you want to copy this player's machine" pop-up

I'm gonna be honest, I'm writing this in a mood grim enough to strangle someone.
Quite a simple suggestion, really. Please, make it so when I click on the copy button next to someone's nickname in multiplayer, it doesn't copy their machine immediately, and instead gives me an "are you sure you want to do this?" pop-up. Because I just had half an hour of work wiped out by a misclick, and undo doesn't bring my work back after that.

...I'll also mention how this raises another problem, that a game like this really should well bloody autosave whatever it is that's being worked on, feel free to point out that I'm an idiot if autosaves exist and I just forgot to enable them.

But yes. Imagine that, when several people are building stuff next to each other, one clicking on the other's nickname is probably not intentional and instantly copying the vehicle and having all of your hard work wiped out by a misclick is annoying.
"God, why did I even pay money for this" kind of annoying.