AMX 50 B [Heavy tank] [Autoloader]

The AMX 50 B was the french attempt at a close range support tank for infantry and main battle tanks the tank was ordered to weight at least 50 tons and to fire at least 120mm shells. by the end of the project this is the tank churned out with an 8 interleaving road-wheels, tortion-bar suspension inspired by German tigers, and a semi pike nose inspired by the Russian t10m and is-7 tanks. The tank had an automatic drum loaded 120 mm gun with 4 shells per drum. and an oscillating turret (this means the whole turret pitches up an down) with 5 degrees of depression and 10 degrees of elevation. the tank never made it past the prototype stage and almost made it to assembly but was ditched over other auto-loading tank solution. warning this tank is very complex and has a lot of parts. I have installed a second drum into the auto-loading mechanism unfortunately there is no way to automatically ram the shell into the breach so that part is manual. So much hard work went into this tank. This tank was requested by- [I forget]


steam page:

.bsg file


AMX 50B suspension.jpg
AMX 50 B rear.jpg

loading mechanism
AMX 50 B loading.jpg
aiming viewport
AMX 50 B left vp.jpg
Real AMX 50 B
AMX 50 B.jpeg

Loading process:
-1 press the 1 key to view the aut0-loader mechanism
-2 Press either right shift to rotate the left drum or enter/page down for the right drum
-3 wait until shell falls out of drum into the track
-4 press insert to ram the shell into the gun breach (wait until fully extended)
-5 press 2 to view aiming ports and aim (one left one right)
-6 press right Cntrl to fire and repeat


* Hull
-R/F = left track
-Y/H = right track
- T = unpin

* Turret
-Left drum rotation = Right shift
-Right Drum rotation = enter/ page down
-Shell rammer = insert
-Turret traverse = left & right arrow keys
-Turret pitch = Up & down arrow keys

* Cameras
-1 = loading mechanism
-2 = left + right view-ports

- Right alt = ammo rack detonation

part count: 828