Amanda, the Flying Fortress (beats all levels)!

I'd have the change the type of rotors Amanda's equipped with for your statement to be true. I've always relied on flying blocks for yaw, pitch and roll control, and even though that's not the most advanced solution, it does make for very stable aircraft.
Bio-4 said:
kidding, awesome machine

Aaaalso I got around to filming stuff as Ross suggested. If everything goes well I should have a video of the Osprey up in a few hours. Can you guys recommend me some good & easy to use video editing software? I want to stich it together without watching/reading a ton of tutorials.
Scratch that. After going through some problems with software bugs and whatnot, the video is done being edited and is on it's way. My first video ever ;_;
When it's done I'll begin uploading it, which - thanks to my 1 MB upload speed - should take the entire night.
seems awesome... but can you tell me how to actually make it to lift correctly? i press up some time, it lifts but it always unbalanced and impossible to drive.

also, which is the purpose of the flamethrowers and the driller?
Amanda's really heavy, so she doesn't really gain altitude quickly enough. She's just too fat I:
Press up until you notice that the blades of the front rotor are just about to start intersecting with each other. Once you reach the desired height, tap down a few times to generate less lift. She should lean forward a little and stop going higher.
It really isn't hard to fly around with her once you get the hang of it. Use I, K, left and right to balance her out. You can always rebind the controls to your liking.

Flamethrowers are your main anti-infatry weapon. They're most effective on the 5th level, Queen's Fodder. Obviously don't activate them before they drop to the ground, that would basically be a death sentence for Amanda.

The driller is supposed to help you after you're out of ammunition, it also helps with killing sheep (since dragging the heavy aircraft around would take ages), destroying various buildings (like the towers in Duke's Plea) and cutting down crops (since, apparently, drills can do that). Hope I helped c:
still, the driller. why is designed like this? shouldnt be better add 4 more wheels to steer? im not sure how to make it steering. im just curious on why.
Of course you can add more wheels for better steering. The question is, would it still fit in the bounding box?
Modifying the machine to your liking is not prohibited. By all means, feel free to do so.
Impressive, I always thought a tri-rotor copter would have alot of mechanical problems, but you've truly outdone yourself with this design Redstoneman.
I still think she's way too fat, has way too many unnecessary components and is outclassed by the Osprey in everything BUT the firepower.
Thanks, though! c: