Amanda, the Flying Fortress (beats all levels)!

Hey guys!
I thought to myself: "If there are so many helicopters, bicopters and quadcopters out there in Besiege, why not make a tricopter?"
Here's the result! The all-level-beating flying fortress Amanda!

She's armed to her teeth and while you wouldn't call her a record breaker, she definitely packs a punch.
Of course I would have to stick some blades to her to cut down crops, so instead I included another driller - just like in the case of my Osprey.
I originally wanted her to only have 4 bombs instead of 8, while also having 6 remote grenades. It didn't work out really well due to the grenades having an exceptionally annoying hitbox.
I also sacrificed some time to make the control bindings list more user friendly:

; - decouples the starting block + grabber, held on a short string
\ - activates the string that holds the starting block
[2] - Reloads all of the bomb slots - do not use if the first set of bombs wasn't entirely dropped

Steam workshop download links:

Amanda Fortress v2
Amanda Fortress v2b (flipped rear rotor)

See my post below for changelog. [HR][/HR]I will update the OP once I upgrade Amanda to be more sturdy and have more functional weaponry. <= Done, see below for changelog.
She isn't as balanced as I'd like her to be, I believe it's because of the odd number of rotors and how they interact with each other.
By the way, I think I'll be staying with this type of rotors. They seem to be the most balanced ones, not to rough, not too slow.
Unfortunately the bounding box has severly limited the space for allocating rotors, and I had to put them really close to each other. In some rare cases the blades hit each other, version b solves the issue but the way Amanda's rear rotors spin in the same direction kinda rustles my jimmies, so I never use it. Feel free though, that's why I put it there.

Comment, rate, suggest improvements and most importantly - have fun!
As promised, I upgraded this and that.
Changelog in the spoiler below.
  • Cannons can no longer be aimed, lifted or decoupled. All of them have been moved to the front.
  • Pressing [2] now reloads all of the bomb slots. Using it before depleting all the slots risks self destruction.
  • Wooden armor covering the bombs has been slightly adjusted. Keep in mind though, exposing Amanda's belly to archers is a bad idea.
  • 4 bombs were added, resulting in a total of 12.
  • Version b seems to have even less issues with the front rotor. If the asymmetry doesn't rustle your jimmies, go for the second download link.
She's more like a bomber honestly. I wanted to build something big but still legal, most of my previous creations weren't as massive as Amanda. I thought naming her a Flying Fortress would suit her, and I'm not changing the name.
I'd gladly record something like that, if only my PC could handle it I:
I've never edited any videos, either. IF I get around to it, it would surely take me some time, and I would probably record the Osprey first - it's much faster, lighter and more reliable than Amanda.