Allow merging creations using the level editor tools and the machine building tools.

Discussion in 'Besiege: Suggestions Ideas' started by ZombieJesus, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. ZombieJesus

    ZombieJesus New Member

    Make selection remain when loading levels or machines to allow merging creations.

    Just to be perfectly clear, I mean merging machines with machines and levels with levels. I'm aware you can save your machine with the level if you want to mix those two.
  2. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    yes, this.
    one of the missing BT feature
  3. EatThatPie

    EatThatPie New Member

    "merging creations"? Im guessing what you mean is when you can upload two machines at once, so in case you dont have a friend on, you can just destroy another machine with your machine in your own server?

    or do you mean uploading things from other levels into your level editor?

    If either of these are what you mean, i fully support this
  4. Ubus

    Ubus Member

    or maybe having an prebuild standart part that you want to integrate in your new machine
  5. EatThatPie

    EatThatPie New Member

    Ah, so, lets say you wanna build a mech, but the arm is super complex, so you can upload a mech arm you made in a different machine?
    I don't really see why we would need this, however it would be useful if you build a cool cannon or whatever, so you can upload the pre-made tank treads to put it on...?
  6. Ubus

    Ubus Member

    in my case plane engines, and its really annoying to get the position and angle of all parts right, especialy 4 times.
    so pre building and upgrading modules is far easier than constantly fiddeling on the machine.

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