Alkarnur`s Multi-Cannon WIP / Design Invitation

This is an advanced concept for a cannon that combines some or all of the long range and accuracy of my Olympus Artillery with some or all of the high attack rate of my Ultimate Catapult

The idea is to have multiple bombs stacked in front of each other in a single barrel.
This barrel is partially inspired by AnduinX's Predator Mk.II's cannon weapons (as opposed to the missiles on top)
That way pressing a single button fires one round and there's no need for a reload procedure like in my Olympus Artillery or in my yet-unpublished Apocalypse Artillery.

A machine could then incorporate multiple Multi-Cannon barrels for even more total ammo.

I am currently working on a massive video series to be released all at once. This series is "Alkarnur's Arsenal" and includes awesome machines such as aircraft carriers, mobile airports, cluster missiles, infinite range artillery, invulnerable chargers/melee machines... It has at least 22 videos. So I won't be able to explore this concept any further until I am done with the video series.

This thread is an invitation to explore the multi-cannon concept by my fellow besiegers. Please find attached a BSG pack of all the versions I have made. It may also be worthwhile checking out AnduinX's Predator Mk.II before you start work on the multi-cannon.

PS: No contributor / designer will go uncredited.

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