Air pressure tank and more ( 3 object idea )

I think that it would be useful to have an air tank as an aerial part.
It has the same properties as balloon and it's buoyancy can be changed while driving the machine. It has a key similar to wheels.
So the creation of engines will be easier as the air machines can be easier. it would still be as weak as the balloon.

Secondly is think a fan would be useful, it has the same shape as the large wheel and has a propeller inside, instead of pulling the machine, it would push the machines to it's opposite placement.

Lastly i would want to see a magical weapon with the same ability as the standing stone, so it shoots lasers at high accuracy and velocity, it set creatures on fire and only have one charge. it would looks like a claw grabber with a crystal in it's centre. it's active time would be less than a second to prevent over-empowerment.

Short story:
  1. in-run adjustable buoyancy block
  2. fan reversed propeller
  3. magical laser beam
  1. This is a really good idea, seconded!
  2. Well, I don't really think we need a new block for this one; vanilla should just allow the thrust value of the propellers to go into the negatives (it's actually possible to do this in vanilla already by editing the bsg file, but it's inconvenient, sometimes it can be hard to find the correct value in the mishmash of numbers, and the slider will "snap" back to 0 if you inspect it with a wrench)]
  3. A problem: you say "high accuracy"; how would the laser decide what target to accurately shoot at? Another problem: this could kill the problem solving aspect for at least third of the games levels, as you could just make your "machine" just several lasers.
  1. Is pretty good idea. maybe make them slightly less bouyant than the balloon so that you have to choose between adjustable ones or lighter ones.
  2. You could use a spinning block with the propellor. but it might be nice to have negative values for the da vinci propeller.
  3. This might work if there comes a new tab of items with magical/ancient artifacts that are powerfull. but you're only allowed to use one of them (except in sandbox mode), that way the problem that stellHex stated won't occur.