Aerodynamic properties of metal blades

Do metal blades have aerodynamic properties implemented (yet)? I'm attempting to build an all-metal quadrucopter, and I want to know whether I can replace aerodynamic propellers with metal blades before I go through the trouble of installing an angle mod.
Mohab The Boss said:
I believe they do, if I'm not mistaken.
Thanks. I've gotten some conflicting information (one plane was stated to use a metal blade to regulate airflow, but someone on the besiege wiki said that it doesn't have the aerodynamic properties activated) and I wanted to check.
stellHex said:
Why don't you, you know, test it?
I can't yet use Besiege, as I'm waiting for my new computer (my current one has trouble loading gifs, nevermind Besiege). On the other hand, I've come up with a lot of ideas that I want to try in it, and I'm trying to figure out in advance what's worth trying or not.
I disagree. I did a simple test that yielded a negative result, and i used spaars modloader to look at the things and they don't have any components or subobjects that might affect their aerodynamics.
i remember trying to make something fly with metal blades , and i am pretty sure they do not have aerodynamic properties
So I guess I'm going to have to bring the "enable aerodynamic properties of metal blades" thing to the Suggestions and Ideas subforum. Considering the relatively simple shape of the metal blade, it shouldn't take that much coding effort, especially compared to other suggestions.