Aerodinamics of Propellers

Both of small and long propellers have weird aerodinamics.
As pictures show, I did some experiments and found that when I put propellers on two side of a block with no rotation change, it fell without spinning despite the angle of 22.5° to the ground. Then I set the propellers horizontal and this time it started to fall spinning clockwise, as though I didn't change its propellers' rotation; as though they had angles of 22.5°.
I assume, owing to this physics, my planes don't fly properly. They always turn clockwise since planes are always falling while flying. The fact that planes never roll automatically in the state of zero gravity also seems to sustain this assumption. This is not about torque and antitorque because it always happens whether its motor spins clockwise or not .
Is it a bug or the physics of Besiege? Anyway, I hope this will be improved.
Thank you.



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Flip them before rotating. Left one spins, right one goes forward