Advanced Lasers v0.2 [v0.27][ID: 778-779]


New update (v0.2)! Like with my anchor block, this is just to update the block to v0.27 and clean up things.
Unlike the anchor however, I will be adding a few more features to this mod in (hopefully) a few days. Stay tuned for Advanced Optics!

It took me a few days, but I've successfully updated & largely remade TC's old laser mod (using the model from it as a placeholder). Aside from setting things on fire and blowing stuff up in the Fire mode, it can now:
  • Fling stuff in the Kinetic mode
  • Freeze & summon bolts of lightning in the Freeze mode
  • Simply be pretty in the Cosmetic mode
  • And change the colour of most objects until simulation end in Tag mode.
Apart from the functional modes, it also has some cosmetic modes (accessible by turning on cosmetic edit mode), and you can change the beam's colour too.
The mod is currently in beta because while I've tried to test just about everything, glitchy behaviour can still happen, and I might need to fix a few bugs. I'm also still working on getting the second part of the mod working, so there might be another update in a few days - keep an eye on this post for fancy new stuff!

As with all block mods, this requires TGYD's blockloader and spaar's modloader to work.

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YAY! Another updated lazer block!
Just when I was about to ask wang_w571 to add change beam color function, you even add bonus stuff!
Thank you for posting this! Awesome work
Just updated the mod; I'll be adding another block to the mix in (hopefully) a few days. After that... Who knows? I have plenty of ideas for things to put in; I just need models and textures...
Pixali said:
Just updated the mod; I'll be adding another block to the mix in (hopefully) a few days. After that... Who knows? I have plenty of ideas for things to put in; I just need models and textures...
If you want, I can do that, I don't have a lot of time, but I think I have enough time to do that
Do what exactly? Make models? PM me (preferably with something you've made before) and I'll tell you what I need - but keep in mind that you'll have to do the UV mapping because I can't :p
Check your inbox. I can't exactly post the patch here just yet because A: it's untested, and B: it probably contains a lot of code from the next version (which may or may not introduce a lot of bugs). If you find any more bugs (that aren't related to the kinetic beam mode), let me know and I'll try to fix it for the next public release.
Hey! People want the function about width!
and something like this!
            Laser.SetWidth(0.1f * Math.Max(this.transform.localScale.x, this.transform.localScale.y), 0.1f * Math.Max(this.transform.localScale.x, this.transform.localScale.y));
I'm still working on the next version; it's very very work in progress so I can't release it yet (not to mention venhip hasn't finished up the models she was working on for me yet). I still need to move a lot of the features of the old laser to my new laser code, and do a fair bit of cleanup so that stuff will play nice with the scripting mod. I'm also juggling study for university, some small social commitments and other stuff so I can't go crazy with working on the mod (unlike when I initially released it & the anchor block). It will come though, so people just need to be patient. This stuff takes time and concentration, the combination of which I'm finding myself with progressively smaller amounts of. If there's enough demand, I can release teaser screenshots of the next version.
great mod. I'm trying to incorporate the kinetic mode into a build and I've noticed that the effects are time dependent. Any chance you could get it to work independent of time. I think your using global time to calculate the force instead of the simulation time as I've been seeing objects being accelerated to much greater speeds at a low simulation speed than normal speed.
I guess I have more bugs to fix than I initially realised..
I put the code for kinetic mode in the blockloader's "update each frame" function, so it actually applies extra force each frame without regard for time scaling. That's probably why it'll apply much more/less force than it should with slower & faster time scaling.. It'll probably also apply force incorrectly if your framerate is anything other than 60fps.
I'll get on to fixing kinetic mode (and maybe reworking the lightning strike) once I've finished optimising and adding features to id 779.


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You have to put it in FixedUpdate, not Update


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What's with all the messages in the console? xD
I hope that's possible to turn off :p
ITR Haven't you heard of this magical process called 'Debugging'?
Sure, on one hand it'll spam your console... But on the other hand you'll immediately know what went wrong and where! :D