Adding George the Spider from the old Forum

Hi Everyone,

Meet George the Spider, he is my mk3. Currently he does not walk very well and I am new to Besiege so any pointers or if someone can get him to walk that would be Boss.

Download here: (2.29 KB)

Feel free to watch the video but the controls are as follows:

M & N to spread the legs out for balance
Arrow up + Down to raise and lower the body
G & H for walking press both keys in then alternate pressing G then H.
Spidermk4.bsg (19.02 KB)

So George is getting better, I cheated a bit but with hidden flying blocks. Same controls keeping it simple however using "O" "G then H" for walking forward. If you guys want a video just say but its only a small tweek. Enjoy :) Extend the legs first once standing before walking.

If you use G & H without O he walks backwards. Hold G or H down to turn.