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  1. Karakas

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    I have a question , is it possible to add a vehicule that i created in a other save in a new save ? I mean i builded something and i was like " wow it could be fun if i add an older creation to that " . But it s two differents saves . Is there a solution ?

  2. Shade

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    you can but you need previous version of besiege and mod to do that
  3. Displayter.

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    1-Move machine number 1 away from machine number 2 spawn point (so they don't spawn inside each other)
    2-Save machine number 1
    3-View your saved machine folder(open load machine then click on the long gray text that ends with "/Savedmachines")
    4-Open the file with machine number 1's name
    5-Copy and every thing in it
    6-Open machine number 2's file

    i never did it so I'm not sure if it works

    EDIT:There are extra steps after 7 but i don't know to to do them

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