Access violation bug


I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 because of an update bug (ès-une/817c8c07-a048-4b98-9c9b-0359efb47219 the thread is in French but has a lot of images) and I started reinstalling some of my games with Steam. I reinstalled Besiege and I could play it for a moment, until it started crashing when launched. I have the same problem with other games made with Unity (Unturned), Unreal (Fortnite and Darwin Project) and other big games (GTA V). I have attached the crash report files to this post (the "crash" file is supposed to be a .dmp file, but the extension is for some reason forbidden. Change the extension from .txt to .dmp before using it).

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If you have the same problem with other games using the same engine then there's not really anything the devs can do. You'd have to contact unity for that, but since it happens with multiple engines I doubt they would be able to help either.

Your best bet is probably to reinstall windows again, or reinstall steam.
I understand. I hoped someone could help me. I actually don't know where to post this so I tried posting in it on the forum of every game not working.

I don't think it's Steam since Fortnite doesn't work either, and is launched only through the devs' launcher. And I don't really want to reinstall Windows again.

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It might be an issue with the current update of windows or your drivers, look out/wait for any new updates for either of them, I guess