Ability to create your own blocks


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Hello everyone.Today i will told you all my own idea.Mb somebody thought already about it,but i hope its only my idea.So what is this idea?It create your own blocks,BUT not new blocks but from existing ones.Explain:we are have all blocks,but sometimes we need to create for example suspension or something else.Sure we can create this suspension and import to the game and use, but in my opinion its not conveniently,well this idea will decides this "problem".Just create the suspention,make on this block points of bracings and use like a new block!(of course besiege after this will be like crossout or any other game where you make car with blocks)
I hope this thread see at least someone because i dream about this ability very long time
PS i not able make mods,so please dont tell me anything like "make this mod yourself and use it"
PS 2 sorry for my english XD