A Very Stable Steering System


A while back Prevenge highlighted a number of problems with steering blocks (I can't find original post) this got me to thinking if there were any workarounds or proper in-game solutions. I also have the same problem with this block & the steering hinge so in this video I have shown my away around it. CAVEAT: it only works with big-ass wheels at the mo... have a look tho. it's an unlisted vid but you can share it it if u want.

ps it's part of a much larger vid I am putting out tomorrow called " High Octane Edition" ...there is a ton of new stuff in it... very fast stuff :D


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This post is at the last page of the sub-forum for me, and it's not marked as deleted or unapproved or anything.
Nice one FrizB ....so the outside steering boxes drive the large cogs which are then tied back to the small cogs to hold them in place? I don't really build cars/trucks and stuff ...or even use wheels as wheels lol.....not sure if i could find a use for it with my current stuff...maybe as a torso twist turret. Coincidentally, I did find a way to replace steering blocks with something much more stable I made out of 2 steering hinges and a swivel. I think it ends up being 1.5 blocks wide which is no problem with the more blocks mod. It seems to be much stronger and less prone to the sagging and stretching that steering gears usually get when aligned perpendicular to a vertical surface and under load.
I realised that I had stupidly left the steering blocks in place after I posted! They are completely redundant and could be removed with no effect. These wheels were driven from the rear by steam/laser units. see latest video
In terms of mechs & walkers I think they could be used for very large limb joints, knees,shoulders etc. I am going to mess around with a few variants later and see if that is the case.