A.T.A.P. Conqueror

The All Terrain Artillery Platform is my most mobile bomblauncher yet. This machine features 6 fireworks and 3 ballistic bomb missiles, mounted on a 360 degree traversing turret. Also includes a strong crane for lifting large, heavy objects or for the use of mine clearance.
Its a pretty competent off-roader, its more than capable for most tasks. This workhorse is ideal for level beating, its fast, mobile and well armed.

Arrow keys for movement
Q and E: Raise or lower turret
O and P: Rotate turret
1-9 keys: Weapons
L shift and L ctrl: Raise or lower crane arm
V key: Release grabbers
F key: Change camera view

100% vanilla

Hopefully, i've attached the bsg file right, I'm still getting used to the new forum format, if its not there you can get it on the link below on my workshop :)
Skins used and full description are here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727815864