A Real Crossbow

Hi everyone! I downloaded besieged today after watching this video by Draegast;

He mentions that the crossbow design he is showing off will destroy itself unless you are in invincibility mode. This inspired me to create my own crossbow. While digging through YouTube and the Besiege forums for more inspiration I noticed that a lot of "crossbow" designs used springs which did not satisfy me. I instead chose sliders and created this!

See attachment;

This serves as a proof of concept, showing how energy can be stored safely in sliders. It does not shoot incredibly far but I am very impressed with how it is performing so far.

I'd like to provide a download of this creation but I'm not sure how to. If anyone could help that would be great! Thanks!

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Crossbow mk 4.bsg


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To add a download, click the button to the left of the A, then choose "Upload Attachments"
Wow, I have to admit I don't think anyone thought of using sliders, which now I think about it makes sense since sliders are reasonably strong, just not very rigid. Ill have to try this on a few machines.

Ps: Congrats, you found a proper use for Sliders, something the community has been looking for for ages!
This is an amazing concept, i make use the concept to create a launcher of my own, if i do ill i mention you in the post (PS it looks super cool if you turn on invincible and change the projectile to a flaming ball, of course you have to remove the planks so it fits)
I was mucking around with this idea a day of two ago, turns out sliders are not only good at being used for crossbow arms, its also good for being used as torsion springs.

For example I was mucking around with it and managed to both make a torsion bar suspension system that can carry large amounts of weight with ease (same type used in most modern tanks).

It also worked well in a torsion based catapult system (but due to either a) me bing bad at working with bombs, or b) bombs seeming to be a lot more delicate, they would 9/10 times explode while still on the catapult). But when I used a grabber I could fling bombs with reasonable accuracy at the windmill from the starting position in the sandbox map.

I might put the suspension system up here in a day or two but I will definitely reference this post.