A plane with quantum rudder!

My friend X极限战士X made a plane! He adopted the latest quantum rudder. The whole plane only contains 49 blocks. The pitch, roll and yaw control are all included.
Look at some gif, can you imagine how this auto-return rudder was built?
And look at the ballast, it seems to "float" inside the structure!

And the yaw control, it looks like that the propeller "floats" on the wheel.

then the roll control

Feel confused? This is a quantum rudder invented by this guy:

To learn how to build this rudder, have a look at http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4470870245 . Don't worry that you can't read Chinese. All you need is to look at the pictures and gif in the thread.

simple takeoff

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Btw, I think you mean "quantum" not "quentun"?
Oh my god my poor English. That should be 'quantum'.
Then I wonder how will you deal with the bug. Fix it? Or keep these technologies working?